EQ-6S Stereo Equalizer


The High Voltage Audio EQ-6S is a six band, mastering grade stereo equalizer. With its precision built stepped switches (0.5dB steps -/+ 5.5dB), the EQ-6S provides perfect stereo tracking and ease of recall.

The equalizer is a broad-stroke, sound sculpting device with 5 fixed frequency bands and a switchable high shelf "Presence Filter".

Unlike the majority of equalizers on the market, the EQ-6S is a dedicated stereo equalizer. With one set of controls under the hood, the EQ-6S is incredibly quick and easy to dial in. Compared to its rivals, the EQ-6S boasts unrivaled control, precision, noise performance and value.

  • 19" 1RU anodised aluminium enclosure with heavy duty anodised aluminium knobs.
  • 4 wide "bell-shaped" fixed frequency bands at 10Hz ("SUB"), 40hz, 160hz, 650hz.
  • 2 shelving bands, with 1 shelving band fixed at 2.5k and the "Presence Filter" providing 5 selectable frequency bands - 2.5k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 40k.
  • 23 step switches providing 0.5dB steps (-/+ 5.5db). The "Presence Filter" is an additive high shelf only.
  • Frequency bands are approximately 3 octaves apart with a Q of ~0.4.
  • Relay bypass providing "True bypass" of all equalizer filters including the ability to pass audio whilst powered off.
  • Dual illuminated push buttons
  • EMI filtered power supply (100-250V AC input), suitable for all regions.
  • Noise Floor: -105db or better.
  • Rear XLR I/O connectors
  • THD: 0.003% or better.
  • One Year Warranty

  • NOTE: Due to the multitude of different IEC cables required internationally, an IEC Power Cord is not supplied. A standard 3 PIN IEC cable is recommended.

    $1390.00 (AUD)


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EQ-6S Walk-Through Demo Video

This video features real-time use of the EQ-6S on a vast array of program material.