About Us

High Voltage Audio specialises in recreating the sound and warmth of classic analogue outboard studio equipment, without breaking the bank.

High Voltage Audio

High Voltage Audio is a partnership based in Australia, working out of both Melbourne and Perth. We go to every effort to accurately create the tone, feel and functionality of great outboard gear. Our work is the culmination of years of experience in sound production and electronics. Our products are built here in Australia, so our customers can have the confidence that they will purchase a product that not only sounds great, but is dependable, reliable and easy to use.

In 2017, we shipped our acclaimed bus compressors all over Australia, and all over the globe.

In 2018, we are proud to begin the year by launching our first equalizer product offering, in the form of the High Voltage Audio EQ6S - a mastering grade Stereo Equalizer.